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Oakland Environment

We are 100% committed to making a positive impact on our environment. Our aim is to become the first carbon neutral company in our industry sector.

Environmental Initiatives Already In Place:

Oakland International has installed 1008 solar PV panels covering 1000m2 of space and capable of generating approximately 197,143 kWh per year, and saving circa. 110,530kg of CO2 annually.

Oakland’s warehouses and offices are fitted with LED lighting, saving in the region of 60-70% on lighting costs.

A low energy consumption heating system utilising Rointe radiators, which is thermostatically controlled, ensures efficient and consistent heat for our offices.

Our on-site powerPerfector device, installed in 2007, manages the quality of Oakland’s power supply and helps improve efficiency.

Oakland Environment

Oakland is part of the Midlands ‘Plugged in Places’ scheme and houses an electric car dual charge point onsite, which is available to members of the public.

A Nissan Leaf electric car, which has a 100 mile cruising range, is used as a company pool car.

Two energy monitoring systems, monitor energy consumption and increase chiller optimization.

Oakland operates a case consolidation scheme which helps Oakland customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Operating onsite, and recently upgraded, is a sustainable and environmentally friendly reed bed sewage treatment system and separate small-scale wormery, which digests small amounts of food to create usable compost.

Cardboard, shredded paper, shrink-wrap, light bulbs and label backing paper are all recycled.

Where possible short dated food is offered to local charities including YMCA and Nightstop, and also distributed through our Food Bank Scheme to various other charities and good causes.

All expired food waste is sent to nominated anaerobic digestion plant centres/recycling centres, where it is then used for renewable energy.

For those who can participate we have an active travel plan in place, with many of our employee’s opting to car share which leads to reduced road congestion and a reduction in our site/employee carbon footprint.

Electric bicycles are available to employees on a half-year lease basis which offers a healthy method of transport with increases general health and provides environmental benefits for both Oakland’s site and its employees.

Oakland International is a family business committed to reducing its impact on the environment!