Redditch Boxing Academy

Redditch Boxing Academy

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The Redditch Boxing Academy Club is a voluntary organisation which operates from a site in Matchborough in Redditch. The Academy works to provide a range of services in the area of health and well-being for all sections of the community. The Academy is dedicated to promoting positive social change, aspiration and self-discipline.

Oakland International is supporting the founder and MD of the Academy with mentoring sessions on a weekly basis, which are designed to help with the transition from a voluntary organisation to a sustainable business model in Redditch. This will be achieved through the creation of new programmes and improvements to the present activities.

In addition to mentoring, Oakland is also supporting the Academy financially, which has enabled them to recruit for an administrative position, complete and launch a new website and purchase new equipment; Oakland also provides access to a range of suppliers and business contacts well placed to offer the support they need.

We will continue to support the long term vision for the organisation, which hopes to branch out into other sites across the region as well as create a residential centre.